Opens a web browser pointing at the https or http port of an Instance running either on your machine or on AWS.

Set boxfuse.db to true to open a database connection instead.

Usage: mvn boxfuse:open -Dboxfuse.instances=instance

> mvn boxfuse:open -Dboxfuse.instances=vb-5f3cf9387

Launching default browser to access Instance 'vb-5f3cf9387' (Url: ...


Plugin Parameter Maven/System property Default Description
user boxfuse.user Required - Your CloudCaptain Client user. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_USER environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
secret boxfuse.secret Required - Your CloudCaptain Client secret. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_SECRET environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
serverid boxfuse.serverid boxfuse The id of the server in the Maven settings.xml file to load the credentials from.

This is an alternative to passing the credentials in directly through properties.
env boxfuse.env dev Use the AWS test or prod environments instead of the local dev one
db boxfuse.db false Open a database connection instead of a browser window
instances boxfuse.instances The comma-separated list of ids of the Instance to work with

Sample Configuration