Displays information about an App for a specific environment.

Usage: mvn boxfuse:info

> mvn boxfuse:info -Dboxfuse.env=test

Info about myuser/hello in the test environment:

App Type    : Single Instance with Zero Downtime updates
App URL     :
DB Type     : PostgreSQL database
DB URL      : jdbc:postgresql://
DB Host     :
DB Port     : 5432
DB Database : hello
DB User     : qbGh5bYandLAYiXBHXp5L8jQliU9qwAkEFRf1R7JzJJ3azNwWmauKfYJe1TCoUW
DB Password : JDBsCkFuDUCqLwDhbWZcZWmaeFCN7W8aAIzy0MjYA5ICXKCf3zMO7azw9092VFFqsnKayqWefAaklZchfATAbLsvShdsOWjKJBaU
DB Status   : available


Plugin Parameter Maven/System property Default Description
user boxfuse.user Required - Your CloudCaptain Client user. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_USER environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
secret boxfuse.secret Required - Your CloudCaptain Client secret. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_SECRET environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
serverid boxfuse.serverid boxfuse The id of the server in the Maven settings.xml file to load the credentials from.

This is an alternative to passing the credentials in directly through properties.
app The name of the application
env boxfuse.env dev Use the AWS test or prod environments instead of the local dev one

Sample Configuration