Creates a new App in the CloudCaptain Console.

Usage: mvn boxfuse:create

> mvn boxfuse:create

Creating axelfontaine/hello ...
Successfully created axelfontaine/hello


Plugin Parameter Maven/System property Default Description
user boxfuse.user Required - Your CloudCaptain Client user. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_USER environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
secret boxfuse.secret Required - Your CloudCaptain Client secret. Also configurable via the BOXFUSE_SECRET environment variable or the Maven settings.xml
serverid boxfuse.serverid boxfuse The id of the server in the Maven settings.xml file to load the credentials from.

This is an alternative to passing the credentials in directly through properties.
app The name of the application
app.type single-instance

The type of app to create.

Possible values:

  • single-instance (Elastic IP)
  • load-balanced-https (ALB + Auto Scaling)
  • load-balanced (Classic ELB + Auto Scaling)
  • worker (Auto-Scaling)
  • one-off
db.type boxfuse.db.type none

The type of database your app needs.

Possible values:

  • none (no database)
  • postgresql (CloudCaptain-managed PostgreSQL database)
  • mysql (CloudCaptain-managed MySQL database)
logs.type boxfuse.logs.type cloudwatch-logs

The type of centralized logging service your app needs.

Possible values:

  • none (no centralized logging)
  • cloudwatch-logs (AWS CloudWatch Logs)
tls.type boxfuse.tls.type none

load-balanced apps only

The type of automatic TLS (SSL) certificate management your app needs.

Possible values:

  • none (No automatic TLS (SSL) certificate management)
  • acm (Automatic TLS (SSL) certificates with AWS Certificate Manager)

Sample Configuration