Custom Domains

When CloudCaptain deploys your app it will automatically create a subdomain like for you to easily access it.

If your application is externally visible you may want to use your own domain though, like

Using Route 53

If you use AWS Route 53 to manage your domain, you can simply configure the domain for your app by configuring it in the CloudCaptain Console:

In this example where you own the domain and it is managed by AWS Route 53, your application will now be available under

Alternatively you can of course also configure this with the CloudCaptain Client using the -domain=... parameter.

Using another DNS provider

Important Note: If you wish to make use of automatic TLS (SSL) certificates you must use Route 53 for your DNS.

If you host your DNS records outside of Route 53, you must create a new CNAME record which point to the domain generated by CloudCaptain.

In the example above, the new CNAME record for the domain would be called www and would point to Your application will then be available under

TLS (SSL) Cerificates