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Immutable Infrastructure: Rise of the Machine Images

See our blog post about the talk for the slides, additional interviews and attendee reports.

Presented by Axel Fontaine, founder and CEO of CloudCaptain at QCon London 2016 in London, UK

Get Started with CloudCaptain

Connect your AWS account with CloudCaptain

Install the CloudCaptain Client on macOS

Create an App with CloudCaptain

Deploy an App to AWS with CloudCaptain

Screencasts by Kamarul Kawnayeen

Devops With CloudCaptain and Shippable

Presented by Andrew Schwabe, founder and CEO of Formatic at Walnut St. Labs in West Chester, PA, USA
Sample code: aschwabe/dw-training-app

Immutable infrastructure with CloudCaptain

Presented by Lars Östling, Java Consultant at Jayway in Malmö, Sweden
Sample code: larsostling/immutable-infrastructure-demo

Play app deployment to AWS using CloudCaptain

Presented by Sai Raghava katepally