Removes this Image from your machine or the CloudCaptain Vault. When removing an image from the CloudCaptain Vault all corresponding AMIs are removed as well.

Usage: boxfuse rm image|app

Removing a single image:

> boxfuse rm hello:1.0

Destroying Image axelfontaine/hello:1.0 ...
axelfontaine/hello:1.0 destroyed in 00:00.000s

Removing all images of an app:

> boxfuse rm hello

Removing all locally available Images of axelfontaine/hello ...
Removing Image axelfontaine/hello:0.5 ...
Removing Image axelfontaine/hello:1.0 ...
All locally available Images of axelfontaine/hello removed in 00:00.001s


Argument boxfuse.conf property Default Description
-vault vault false Removes the Image from the CloudCaptain Vault instead of your local machine. All corresponding AMIs will be removed as well.