Immutable Infrastructure Talk and Interview at QCon London 2016

Both last year and this year there have been a large number of CloudCaptain events with many more to come!

In March, CloudCaptain founder and CEO, Axel Fontaine spoke about Immutable Infrastructure: Rise of the Machine Images at QCon London 2016. This talk details the principles and the lessons learned CloudCaptain is based upon. And it was a huge success with over 400 attendees in the room who gave it excellent reviews.

What attendees had to say about it

Video and Slides of the talk

In case you didn't have a chance to attend the talk live, you watch a video recording of it and download the slides on InfoQ.

Interview (with full transcript)

Axel Fontaine also sat down with João Miranda for an interview to discuss the topic in additional detail:


Finally Manuel Pais from InfoQ also wrote a report of the talk for you to enjoy!

Have fun!

Have fun watching the talk and the interview as well as reading the report! And don't forget to come and say hi at one of our future events!

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