One-off apps

When it comes to running production apps, CloudCaptain offers a range of options, from single-instance to load-balanced and worker apps. They cover a wide range of scenarios from simple hobby apps to complex and robust robust auto-scaling auto-recovering production workloads.

But sometimes all you need is a single run of an administrative or maintenance task.

Introducing one-off apps

one-off app

Today we are introducing a new type of app: one-off

This is an app that starts, does its thing and once it is done, the application process can safely exit and the instance will terminate. This is particularly useful for administrative or maintenance workloads where you just want a single task to complete and that’s it.

Typical uses would be one-time data exports/imports, data transformation, batch operations or ad-hoc system maintenance.

How does it work?

Say you have a maintenance job packaged as a jar file. You can simply run it on your prod environment as follows:

> boxfuse run my-maintenance-job-1.0.jar -app.type=one-off -env=prod

This will launch an AWS instance in your prod with environment with your job running. Once the main method terminates or the application exits with System.exit() the instance will automatically shut down and AWS will stop charging you for it.

Available today

Support for one-off apps is available today at no additional charge on all paid CloudCaptain plans. Enjoy!

So if you haven’t already, sign up for your CloudCaptain account now (simply log in with your GitHub id, it’s free), start deploying your application effortlessly to AWS today and have it running in minutes.

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