CloudCaptain Events in Q3 2015

Always wanted to learn more about Immutable Infrastructure and the No SSH movement? Want to see CloudCaptain in action and talk to like-minded forward thinking people? Look no further. We have a number of exciting events lined up in Q3 across North America and Europe.

Intro to CloudCaptain

12th August 2015 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Learn to ship your products with Shippable and CloudCaptain. Join the DevOps 2.0 revolution with continuous delivery and manage deployments of multi-tier applications without code, scripts, or IT automation tools.

Presented by Andrew Schwabe, Founder and CEO of

Spring Boot mit AWS und CloudCaptain

2nd September 2015 in Kassel, Germany

Presented by Waldemar Schneider, Senior Developer at Flavia

Up in the sky: Architecture and Deployment of Microservices for the Cloud

10th September 2015 in Oslo, Norway

The case for running an own datacenter is vanishing rapidly. The cloud seduces with a low barrier of entry and full flexibility. Infrastructure can be spun up almost instantly in a fully automated way through an API. All this with no upfront costs and the ability to decommission it just as fast. But what does this mean for our applications and their architecture? Can we just lift and shift them to the cloud? Everything comes at a price. To be able to fully leverage the potential of the cloud, new challenges must be mastered: from data privacy and security to cost-based architectures, dynamic provisioning, service discovery and efficient deployment models. This talk provides architects and developers clear answers and battle-tested solutions for a successful journey to infrastructure heaven.

Presented by Axel Fontaine, Founder and CEO of CloudCaptain

If you want to learn more, we also put together a brand new page with all past and future CloudCaptain events.


Have fun! And if you haven't already, sign up for your CloudCaptain account now. CloudCaptain intelligently analyses your application and generates minimal images in seconds. There is no general purpose operating system and no tedious provisioning. CloudCaptain images are lean, secure and efficient. You can run them on VirtualBox for development and deploy them unchanged and with zero downtime on AWS for test and production. All you need is a GitHub user and you'll be up and running in no time. The CloudCaptain free plan aligns perfectly with the AWS free tier, so you can deploy your application to EC2 completely free.

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