Download & Install the CloudCaptain Client


Before you begin, ensure you have successfully created a CloudCaptain Account (simply log in with your GitHub account, it's free).

Downloading the CloudCaptain Client

There are two ways to download the latest CloudCaptain Client.

Personalized download (recommended)

The easiest way to download the CloudCaptain Client is to download your personalized copy from the CloudCaptain Console.


It already contains your CloudCaptain Account credentials and is ready to be used.

Unpersonalized downloads

Alternatively you can also download an unpersonalized copy:

If you want to bring your own JRE (Java 7 or newer required) you can also download: (no JRE)
boxfuse-commandline- (no JRE)

These unpersonalized downloads require you to enter your credentials to work with your CloudCaptain account:
# install-dir/conf/boxfuse.conf

You can find your credentials on the downloads tab in the CloudCaptain Console.

Older versions

Even though we strongly recommend always running the latest version of the CloudCaptain Client, you can also download older unpersonalized versions directly from the download archive.

Installing the CloudCaptain Client

Once you have downloaded the CloudCaptain Client simply:

  1. Extract the download to a directory you have write permissions in
  2. Add the extracted directory to the PATH
  3. Verify the installation by executing the boxfuse -v in a new terminal/command prompt window.

And that's it! CloudCaptain has now been successfully installed and is ready to be used.

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